Today we are excited to announce the first official release of Actuate Motion, the next generation motion software to support motion simulators.


The rapid expansion of VR and motion simulators has lead to a demand for a modern 64 bit plug-in architecture, one that can respond to the exciting and innovative uses of motion VR and we believe that this is it.


The first release already has support bundled for over 25 games, as well as support for developers creating their own titles, via Unity and Unreal Engine 4, or just via a C API.


We aren’t stopping there either, at the time of writing this there is already a list of titles that we are currently working on support for, including Digital Combat Simulator, and Virtual Battlespace 3.

We’re also very proud to be partnered with Atomic Motion Systems, having worked closely with them and their partners to develop full support for their flagship model, the A3.

From Monday the 5th November 2018, Actuate Motion will be bundled with the Atomic A3 as the software gateway for their customers to the wonderful world of motion simulation.