Version 1.1.2 Released March 26th 2024 - Version 1.1.2 of Actuate Motion is now available for download.   This version has been updated to add support for the Epic Roller Coasters game.   You can find out how to integrate Actuate with the game by following the related plugin help documentation in this new version.    
Version 1.0.9 Released April 19th 2022 - Version 1.0.9 Released Version 1.0.9 of Actuate Motion is now available for download.   This version has been updated to allow the user to use custom profiles. You can now create, remove and edit custom profiles. Set the default profile to use for each input plugin, and load the desired profile via the Service Control […]
Version 1.0.7 Released June 25th 2021 - Version 1.0.7 Released Version 1.0.7 of Actuate Motion is now available for download. This version has mostly been about quality of life changes and bug fixing.   Changes of note are that we have overhauled the profile configuration screen in the GUI to move the more common settings first, as well as ensuring that the […]
VR Motion Compensation March 4th 2021 - VR Motion Compensation One of the things we get asked about a lot is motion compensation for use with VR.   When you use a motion simulator with VR, as the VR system tracks movement of the HMD it not only picks up the movement of the player’s head, but also the movement of the […]
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 support August 21st 2020 - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Support We’ve now created a new input plugin to add support for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. As this is a very important title and we are only part way through the development cycle for the next release, we have decided to make this available as an installable plugin rather than simple […]
Version 1.0.5 Released (Including Hub) June 23rd 2020 - Version 1.05 Released Version 1.0.5 of Actuate Motion is now available for download. This version adds a few more titles to the mix, mostly older titles that have been requested: Microsoft Flight Simulator X H.A.W.X H.A.W.X 2 GRID (2019)   This version also sees a few more features and bug fixes added: A new “emulated” […]
Delta Kinetic Support June 18th 2020 - Delta Kinetic Support Today we are pleased to announce that we have been working closely with a new simulator manufacturer called Delta Kinetic.   They have 2 models in their line up – 3, and 4 degrees of freedom models. They also provide just actuators if you fancy your hand a making at simulator yourself! […]
Version 1.0.4 Released January 29th 2020 - Version 1.0.4 of Actuate Motion is now available for download. In this version we have added even more options to create the perfect motion profile to your liking. It is now possible to smooth just the acceleration data, or just the orientation data if you prefer. Of course, you can still smooth the overall output […]
Version 1.0.2 Released January 18th 2019 - Today sees the release of Actuate Motion version 1.0.2. We’ve been working hard since v1.0.0 making sure that Actuate Motion is in tip top shape.   There have been a few minor bug fixes, and a few improvements such as adding some more options to the profile settings to give more control over your experience. […]
Version 1.0.0 Released November 1st 2018 - Today we are excited to announce the first official release of Actuate Motion, the next generation motion software to support motion simulators.   The rapid expansion of VR and motion simulators has lead to a demand for a modern 64 bit plug-in architecture, one that can respond to the exciting and innovative uses of motion […]