Month: January 2020

Version 1.0.4 Released

Posted on 29th January 2020  in news

Version 1.0.4 of Actuate Motion is now available for download. In this version we have added even more options to create the perfect motion profile to your liking. It is now possible to smooth just the acceleration data, or just the orientation data if you prefer. Of course, you can still smooth the overall output if that’s what you want!.


We’ve noticed that some people are not aware of the existence of the user manual as it is not obvious. With this in mind, we’ve added a link right there in the Actuate Motion GUI that access the user manual. So there’s no more excuses not to read it now!


There have been a few bug fixes both within the actuate process and within some of the plugins. The fixes of note are:

  • Fixing lack of motion in Project Cars and Project Cars 2 on the first lap when starting from the pit lane.
  • Updated Aerofly FS 2 plugin to work with the new Aerofly FS 2 SDK.


Of course, a release wouldn’t be complete without at least one new game supported. In this version we’ve added:

  • F1 2019
  • RaceRoom Racing Experience
  • Touring Karts