Month: June 2021

Version 1.0.7 Released

Posted on 25th June 2021  in news

Version 1.0.7 Released

Version 1.0.7 of Actuate Motion is now available for download. This version has mostly been about quality of life changes and bug fixing.


Changes of note are that we have overhauled the profile configuration screen in the GUI to move the more common settings first, as well as ensuring that the naming of some of the settings are clearer. Along the same lines, we have added a “Profile Tuning Guide” to help explain what the settings do and how Actuate treats data.


For the developers that need to integrate with Actuate Motion, we have added some sample C projects to get you started using the UDP, Shared Memory, and Admin interfaces.


Also in this release, an output plugin for the upcoming VR motion compensation is included. This means that when the motion compensation tool is available, then Actuate is ready to go with it.